Cloudberry Complete Donations Management
Helping funeral directors manage their donations more effectively



Keeping things simple - without compromising quality

Our donations management software is not a theoretical system based on what we think a funeral director may need, but instead is based upon documented tried and tested systems - working today in our funeral director customers. But don't take our word for it, read our testimonials.

We looked in great detail at every aspect, keeping input to a minimum, utilising drop down boxes from lists - that way you can use your own descriptions and language, minimising typing.

Our system is in the Cloud - you have no software to load, store, maintain, manage and backup, our hosting partner remove those headaches. We charge a one off set up and training fee, after which charges are all usage based. This way you can plan for our cost, based upon a per funeral charge. Pricing is fixed and has remained so for four years - our aim is to reduce our per funeral charge, as usage increases - so there's no nasty sting in the tail. Talk to our team today, to see how we can support your business?

Its your service, not our service

Unlike other donation systems: 

  • You determine what (if any) charges for the service are

  • You retain 100% control of the whole process

  • Donors stay permanently on your website

  • The service is totally unbranded

  • There is a complete reconciliation tool for total accountability

  • Reporting and communication at the end of the process are fully automated


Get in touch

At Cloudberry, we understand that finding the right software partner to work with is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we offer to come and take you through our system. We also have the facility to provide a test system for you to try it out for yourself.

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Meet the team


Mark Robinson

Contact me at:

Funeral directing has forever been a part of my life.  My grandfather was a funeral director and my father ran our family business, Daniel Robinson & Sons, for almost 30 years. As a child, I was aware he worked all hours, we rarely went on holiday, and I remember never being allowed to answer the phone! I worked there during holidays, sparking my interest in business. After university, I qualified as an accountant, progressing to running teams and then companies in the IT/audio-visual sector.

When the last generation stepped down in the early 90's, I joined our family firm as a non-exec Director. I was captivated, it was far removed from what I was used to - I loved the attention to detail and care for our families. I have played a small part in the company’s development, notably through the Investors in People programme. The more I looked at our operations, I knew I could help develop solutions to assist.  I had planned to retire early and did so in 2011.  I then proceeded to spend weeks, leading to months within Daniel Robinson's, working with the staff, documenting, discussing and questioning every process. The reward for them was a Standard Operating Procedures Manual (which helped us becoming the first funeral directors to attain IiP Gold status) and I secured a blueprint.  So I started Cloudberry for my family and so here we are today, with our funeral director customers processing almost £2 million via our donations system in 2018 .


Howard Rawlings

Contact me at:

I'm Mark's son-in-law, and I'm responsible for development and maintenance of our software platform.  It's my job to turn Mark's and our funeral director partner's ideas into a simple, user-friendly, robust and flexible software platform, which continually develops in anticipation of our customers' needs.  

I've worked in the IT sector for almost 30 years – starting out at IBM, working with Mark for 8 years and then for the last 17 years, I have worked exclusively on Internet applications. 


Niki Ward

Contact me at:

I'm Mark's daughter and have recently joined our family business working with Dad in helping to develop our sales, marketing, training and customer relations. 

After completing a BSC degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies in 2008 I have worked as a civilian member of staff in the public sector in various administration roles over the past 10 years prior to having my sons Charlie and Myles. I have always taken a keen interest in my father’s role at Daniel Robinson & Son’s and have heard many a story of how he used to provide hands on help to grandfather when he was a youngster. In fact during my youth I was probably the only teenager who spent school work experience in a funeral home! 

I came and worked at NFE 17 helping on the stand and I was instantly captivated, since then as a part of my induction I have spent time at two customers learning more about the ins and outs of funeral directing. I am now also one of the main testers for our product development (along with my Mum!)