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THE complete funeral donation system

“…donations are a pain…” you tell us - we can take that pain away!

Our complete donations management system will, we promise, change your views on donations for ever! Here are the key questions answered:

NO - we don't take anything from any donation - unlike other online donation systems. We deduct nothing from any donation, so donors can rest assured, 100% of their donation reaches the charity

YES - we handle every form of donation. Others are only interested in card donations, ours is a complete system managing every form of donation: the collection, cheques and online card donations, it is a complete donations management system.

YES - every online donation is acknowledged via an email from you, the funeral director, acknowledging receipt - you can also generate acknowledgement letters for cash and cheques received.

YES - families can collect for any group - they don't have to be a registered charity- most systems collect for registered charities only. So long as you are happy with the validity of whats being collecting for, you can collect for it. We increasingly see “crowd funding” to help meet the cost of the funeral. It's your system, you retain 100% control.

YES - Adding Gift Aid is easy, its a single click to add Gift Aid to a donation - 4 out of every 5 of online donors do! Meaning the collections are on average circa £80 more. 

YES - The administration of the closing process is automated, it produces all of the reports and letters you will send to the charities and next of kin

YES - It’s your service, in your website, with your branding. InMemory carries no branding, it drives donors to your website, not ours, and is your service, not ours, helping raise your profile within your local community it even allows you to grow your mailing list (should you wish to).

NEW - Place an obituary notice in any Reach newspaper, (formerly Trinity Mirror) and you can link the online notice to the InMemory page for free in a single click, allowing card donations to also be made via the funeral notice at

There are many other benefits to the InMemory donations management system such as:

Save Time & Money

Our research shows, that for every 100 funerals undertaken, funeral directors' teams having circa 1400 donations to record - that's about 6 weeks work! We automate most of that administration burden, giving you more time to spend with your families and community.                                                          

Link to REACH notices for more


Thanks to our collaboration with Reach, the largest regional newspaper publisher in the UK, you can now, in a single click, link an obituary notice in a Reach publication to a Cloudberry donation profile at no cost.

Meaning that anyone viewing a notice on their funeral-notices portal can donate directly into the Cloudberry profile for that person. The system records the donation, the donor receives an email acknowledgement from you and the funds go into your donations account. So this widens the donations net further, without increasing your workload.

On and Offline Donations

Increasingly, people rely on payment cards, this trend will only increase as cheque payments dwindle. People increasingly donate online. In fact, last year 14% of all UK donations we're made by donors online, an increase of 6% on the previous year.                                        

How it works

‘InMemory’ is inserted into YOUR website, totally unbranded, so when donors visit, they see it's your service and stay on your website to use it.

From the dashboard you can easily create each page, adding the funeral details, select the charities, add the photos and life story. “Traditional donations” e.g. cash or cheque are added when received, online donations are added automatically in real-time.

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Raise more for charity


Analysis shows that consistently 80% of electronic donors add Gift Aid – boosting those donations by 25%. We calculate this increases the average donation total by £80 – so using the 'InMemory' Donation Management System helps boost charitable donations by around £8,000 per 100 funerals.

See an example Page

View the full guide to the 'InMemory' donations management system here

Since using the ‘InMemory’ system, we have seen our website traffic increase from 300-400 hits per month to 3,000-4,000! This has enabled us to grow the business and provide a service that exceeds expectations.

I would recommend the ‘InMemory’ donation system without hesitation. The service that Cloudberry provide is fantastic and the system is excellent. I definitely wouldn’t want to go back to not having it!
— Alistair Cox, Chadwicks Funeral Services

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