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 Fundraising PAGES for local groups & EVENTS.

Add Fundraising pages to your website for local groups and events

Our aim is to help you raise more money for the charities and local groups you support and events you run, so we have developed our donations management software so that you can use it for fund raising as well!
This easy to use, affordable software enables you to make the most of any donations AND ensures the charity receives ALL of the donation.  

Helping you support your community – Fundraising Donation Pages

We understand that for independent funeral directors, community engagement is an important element of your DNA, which is why we have developed our donation software to allow you to a create collection page on your website. A collection page can be set up in a few minutes and will give you the ability to offer local fundraising for local groups, charities or supporting your existing community involvement via event you run like golf days, marathon running, light up a life, coffee mornings etc. No more having to use a site like Just Giving - where they take 5% percent of each donation, (not forgetting 5% of the Gift Aid as well), now you can use your own website to help raise vital funds at no cost to the group, whilst of course making donors aware of your presence.

The fundraising donation software can be used for any activity, be it a local group or charity, or to support something that you as a company have organised. For example, one of our Funeral Director customers used it to raise funds when a member of their team walked up Snowdon raising over £400 for some equipment at a local nursing home.

As you would expect, the system allows you to manage all types of donations not just online, so donors who don't have internet access or who choose not to donate online, can drop in or post a donation to your office.

Final Donation Value Boosted by 25%

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We make it so easy to add Gift Aid that 80% of donors do so. This means that every donation with Gift Aid added is boosted by 25%! And because we manage EVERY form of donation; cash, cheques and cards, it really is a total donations management system.

Individual Collection PAGES


Easily set up a collection page in the system for the fundraising. You can add photographs, images and text exactly as you do now for the biography in the donations element. Add in the charity into the database, select it and any photos into the gallery and in seconds you are ready to start fundraising!

Cash, Cheque & ONline Card Donations


All forms of donations can be logged, so donors can drop off or send in donations as well as making them online. If they drop it in your team can even add a message of support on their behalf.              

Customisable responses


Every online card donation is acknowledged with a customisable email sent from you thanking the donor for their support for your activity. The collections fund raising system also encourages donors to leave a message of support which are instantly added to the collection profile page.


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Every profile you set up will exactly match the style, colours and fonts of your own website so that it fits in perfectly and is very much your service not a third parties.                                                                   

One Click Reports


You choose when the collection period ends so you can close each Fundraising Collection Profile separately. You can then run the reports and editable letters (Microsoft Excel & Word format) at the click of a button. 

Please let us know if you need some help setting up your fundraising initiative, we are here to help.  We can now work together on your local screen, whilst being remote, using some new support software that we have deployed.

We remain committed to developing our system and are pleased to inform you that each collection profile only costs the same as any other donation profile -  £6 plus VAT.

For more information about how the 'InMemory' Donation Management System can benefit your business, please contact us and we will happily show you the Donations Management Software. 

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