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We recognise that announcing the passing of a loved one, is an early action for the funeral director. Many place an obituary notice in a local newspaper(s), to inform mourners and this is often replicated online, however today, people want detailed information about the services as soon as possible, to enable them to plan their attendance. This presents an opportunity for funeral directors, to improve further the level of personal service already offered, by the provision of instant information on your website.

Improving the service you offer

Displaying funeral notices as soon as the arrangements are made,  improves your service - providing mourners with a link to the deceased's personal page - giving the full, printable  service details, a biography, photo carousel and the ability to donate online. This also increases online donations as mourners find the information they need.  If desired, funeral notices can be shared on social media platforms, helping to reach others near and far and as another gateway to increase awareness.

Creating a funeral notice is easy; it uses information already entered onto the system from the deceased’s ‘In Memory’ profile. As with our ‘In Memory’ profile, funeral notices sit in your website, with your branding and are displayed as a service offered by you.

Building business and driving efficiency

Funeral notices made via your website, presents mourners with the opportunity to consciously browse your additional services. We know from analysing over four years worth of donations, that roughly two thirds of online donors will typically live within your trading postcodes.

The more mourners become used to obtaining information via your website, the more they will use the service, the fewer telephone enquiries you will receive.  This also means fewer disturbances for the families of the deceased during the early phase of the bereavement process, from mourners who are contacting them regarding the funeral arrangements.

And best of all, there is no charge for this service, it comes as a part of the InMemory service.