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We wouldn’t want to go back to not having it!

Alistair Cox, Chadwicks Funeral Services

“We decided to start looking into having a donations system online as it is the way forward. We are very pro-active in technology and could see that this was going to give the businesses a distinct advantage. We contacted 2-3 providers before making the decision, however Cloudberry and their ‘InMemory’ donations system provided the most complete package that was tailored to our needs completely.

The biggest benefit is that you can see that the software has been written by funeral directors for funeral directors so it is easy to use and makes sense. One of the things we liked most was the fact that, unlike other donations systems available that take up to 7.55% off the donation and Gift Aid, the Cloudberry ‘InMemory’ system takes nothing from the donation.

We have seen a 40–45% increase in people making online donations, to which Gift Aid can easily be added, and we can only see this increasing. Since having the Cloudberry donations system the volume of donations has increased vastly, the transaction value has increased and Gift Aid being added has also increased.

Prior to having the ‘InMemory’ system we used to spend quite a lot of time processing cash and cheques. We have now been able to free up 50% of that time which can now be spent on dealing with the extra business we are getting following the installation of the system.

Since using the ‘InMemory’ system, we have seen our website traffic increase from 300-400 hits per month to 3,000-4,000! Friends and family from outside our local community that have donated previously now contact us when the need arises. This new catchment area and allowed us to grow the business and provide a service that exceeds expectations.

I would recommend the ‘InMemory’ donation system without hesitation. The service that Cloudberry provide is fantastic and the system is excellent. I definitely wouldn’t want to go back to not having it!”

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It makes processing donations so much easier! 

Susan Taylor, AB Taylor Funeral Directors

“We approached Cloudberry Funeral Management Solutions because we had out grown our previous donations management system. Each donation had to be entered into and Excel sheet manually and was a really onerous and time consuming task.

After spending quite a lot of time researching the donations systems available to us we decided to work with Cloudberry Funeral Management Solutions and their ‘InMemory’ system. We had been keeping a look out for a system for two years through various shows, publications and word of mouth, so when we met the Cloudberry team at the National Funeral Exhibition in 2015 we breathed a sigh of relief.

Their approach to a donations system is completely different to any others available on the market. We needed a more bespoke solution and the ‘InMemory’ system provides that easily as it is completely customisable. One thing we were concerned about was the extra fees other systems take; Cloudberry takes nothing from the donor, which we really liked as this fits in with our company values.

As people no longer have simple cash or cheques on them they expect to be able to pay by card or online. In order to not miss out on valuable donation and keep up to date we needed to be able to offer an easy solution. The ‘InMemory’ system solves this problem completely. We can now take all forms of payment and adding Gift Aid can be done with the click of a button. Handwriting and posting receipts is also a thing of the past as these are now electronic saving us both time and money.

The major benefit is that it is fully auditable.

Donations is an area that has the potential for people to be dishonest, but the ‘InMemory’ system makes sure everything is open and transparent. If there are ever any checks you have absolutely no worries. Ultimately this money belongs to someone else, we are simply the conduit, so we need to be immaculate in the part we play.

I have found the overall experience refreshingly easy. We have saved a lot of time by using this system which we have been able to use in other areas in order to grow the business.

I would recommend ‘InMemory’ completely. The team are honest, reliable and provide an excellent system that is cost effective - it makes processing donations so much easier, less time consuming and most of all, fully auditable.”

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Every last penny goes direct to the charity

Ben Tonks, Tonks Brothers, Abingdon & Oxford

“We approached Cloudberry Funeral Management Systems in 2015 because we found we were wasting lots of time each month logging, processing and banking donations that came through for the funerals we undertake. As we continue to grow, even though we only have two offices and undertake circa 200 funerals per year, we realised this was not a situation that was going to improve. In the end, we worked out that we actually spent about 12-13 man weeks a year processing donations and that’s what motivated us to approach Cloudberry. At the same time, I had also just created a new website and was looking for ways increase traffic and awareness of our services.

Whenever I walk into our town centre, I see first-hand the ‘Smartphone Society’ as more people are increasingly using phones and tablets to pay for things online or in person, rather than cash or cheque. So it made perfect sense to make it as easy as possible for everyone to donate, by going through our website and donating by card whilst at the same time increasing awareness of our services. Plus, as cheques are slowly phased out in the next year or two we needed to provide another option for our donators. We also had read about how these online systems helped to add more Gift Aid and despite our best efforts it was rare that donor added Gift Aid.

I really like the Cloudberry ‘InMemory’ donation system, it is really easy to learn and use and uniquely the system allows us to manage every type of donation; cash, cheque and card, easily and with minimum input. It sits in my website and looks exactly like one of my pages – so it’s our service which creates a seamless journey for the donor and I retain complete control of the admin end. I also love the fact that I don’t have to worry about backing up my system as that’s all managed within the service.

I used to acknowledge every donation by post but stopped because of primarily the time but also the cost - now its automatic, every online donation instantly receives a personalised acknowledgment from me which I think enhances our service and costs nothing in terms of time or money.

Using the system, each donation page takes around 4-5 minutes to set up and provides relevant information for any of the deceased family and friends - biography, photos, charity details, funeral service information and messages of condolence. It even means that anyone abroad or who is unable to attend can easily be involved too. One of the best bits of functionality is that Gift Aid is added to each donation by simply checking a box - no more filling out and signing forms - so the total raised for each charity increases instantly by 25%!

Although calculating and banking the donations was one person’s responsibility, we have found that by freeing up their time and removing the admin burden, we were able to leverage that extra time to grow the business. We now also have full traceability for all the money that comes through the business which gives us huge peace of mind. Since we launched the ‘InMemory’ system in late October 2015 we have processed 1015 donations, (we get a detailed report from Cloudberry annually showing us the overall picture). In 2016 we managed to get 57% of those donations online and this number is increasing every day. Of those donating online 485 (82.2%) added Gift Aid, whereas just 10 cheque donors added Gift Aid! This meant I achieved my objectives in that my administration burden has decreased whilst seeing ever more traffic through my website.

By being pro-active within our community and offering this extra service, we have also found that this is helping to raise awareness of our services locally and it has definitely helped our business to continue to grow (and we have the time to deal with that growth).

Lastly, we really like the fact that nothing is deducted from any donation, the £6 fee that Cloudberry charge per funeral is small given the quality of the software and we even choose to absorb the card processing fees, as we were saving so much time ourselves. Meaning that every last penny goes direct to the charity - many of whom are local and our families raise the absolute maximum in memory of their loved ones."


It has saved a lot of time and does all the admin!

Roy Palmer, M Lucking & Sons Funeral Directors

"Initially Cloudberry approached us with their funeral management system which looked very interesting and easy to use. We gave it a try as we were interested in the time saving it could offer us and the flexibility of being able to manage both offline and online donations.

It gave us ease of closing donations as it has a printed letter for the charities, and the system works everything out for you. The beauty of it is, if customers want donations to be made online then we can set it all up for them in a few minutes, even if they don’t want to do it online, we can still use the system as it generates all the letters for us which is really helpful; a definitely a time saver!

By using the InMemory Donations Management System, we have found that has certainly saved us a LOT of time over how we were doing it before. It is a very good system, easy to use and frees up our time so we can concentrate on our families in their time of support.

We will definitely carry on using it and would recommend it to other Funeral Directors as it has worked very well for us.

Before we started using the InMemory Donations Management System we took donations the old fashioned way. We would write names of each and every donator down on paper and take cash which we would then have to manage and change into a cheque to donate to the selected charity. By having the InMemory Donations Management System online software it has saved so much time as it does all the admin work for us AND produces the letters too.

We had credit card-sized cards printed up with the login details on so that we can give out to families to easily add donations. We have found this very useful as it’s something they can take away with them.

The overall experience with the Cloudberry team and the InMemory Donations Management System has been really good. It has saved us time and the system works very well – it’s easy and a delight to use too."